Saturday, June 21, 2008

Venice Window and Windowbox

Venice Window and Windowbox
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After I posted the French window earlier this week, my dear friend, Shirley from Paper and Threads ( wrote and generously offered to share some of her INCREDIBLE windows and doors from her trips to Italy. I was so overwhelmed with joy --- !! Not only do I love windows, arches, and doors -- but from ITALY!!! Home of my dreams! I was honored and so so very grateful -- THANK YOU SHIRLEY!!

This is painted from one of Shirley's windows .... I hope I've done it justice. The 'grillwork' was actually a light gray color from leaded glass -- but I couldn't get the window to 'read' as such, and so I changed it a bit to read as grillwork -- also very much part of those incredible Italian windows.

Again, Shirley -- my utmost thanks!!!!


Teri C said...

This is just gorgeous Lin. And thanks to Shirley for sending this great photo.

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Lin-love this one!!
hug,s chris

shirley said...

It is gorgeous!! I can't imagine anything MORE beautiful from my humble little photo. I hope that you will consider painting a series!

Linda said...

Lin, this is just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh another photographic like vision. This one is incredible too -- so much more detail and done so perfectly. I think you did the right thing -- use the photo as a base but when it didn't work well enough, you enhanced it and made it work in a painting. Bravo!

Jona said...

Very nice, Lin. Love the "grillwork".

Joan said...

Lin, This window is super!!! I love the way you did the grillwork on the window!