Thursday, September 11, 2008

Antique Pump in Garden

Antique Pump in Garden
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Daily Practice

I love garden 'art' of all kinds -- and can only wish our garden (home and Arboretum) had a pump like this one I found in a reference photo.

I wanted to paint something a bit brighter today -- it's been raining all week and we're still engulfed in fog each morning ... fall is certainly on its way!


Teresa said...

LOVE the colors! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh it's lovely. My grandfather kept his at his farm so he and the others would not have to "tramp through the house" to get a drink in the summer, especially during haying season. The tin cup was there and everybody used it -- and nobody died! I love the flowers around yours and the bright cheerful colors. We are patiently awaiting our rain. Hugs,

Teri C said...

This is so lovely Lin. I love how those pumps look in a garden. I have one in my yard and always wanted DH to make a circulating pump out of it, but that never happened :)

Joan said...

I love the contrast of the red pump with the garden foliage. Super!!!! Every time I see a pump like this I think of the Helen Keller movie. I didn't realize you're still having rain.