Tuesday, September 16, 2008

At the Table

At the Table
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Daily Practice

Continuing my practice of "Italia" ....

Temperatures are cooling as fall creeps closer ... and we're all enjoying the relief from the heaviness of heat and humidity.

Along with the cool air, we're expecting more rain ... and the grass and plants are thoroughly enjoying it!


Teri C said...

Wine and grapes...now that is what I think of when I think of Italy :) Wonderful job on this Lin.

Joan said...

Vino and grapes...a great combination. Lovely colors on those grapes and the plate. Mangia!

Teresa said...

Love your wine still life...and I followed the link so I could see the "before and after" on your Italy painting..... WOW!!! LOVE those yellow flowers! :-)

Linda said...

Isn't it wonderful to finally have some decent rain? (I feel terrible for the folks in Texas, but...)
Your art continues to be just wonderful! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Nice. I especially like the way you painted the jug. But a real nice still life all in all. The colors compliment and set each other off.