Thursday, September 04, 2008

Calm before the Storm?

Calm before the Storm?
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Daily Practice

The path of Hurricane Hannah is on the minds of most South and North Carolinians this week, as her hobbling path for landfall is still in question. Following along the same trajectory are two other tropical weather makers and so this daily painting ... calm waters before the Great Unknown.

It'll be a very late night tonight before I can drive the 2 hours back home and see my kitties ....but once there, it'll be battening down the house, making preparations for the 'what if's', finding a dry, safe place for Boots and Babes, removing anything outdoors that could be tossed in high winds.

Fingers are crossed that we merely get the rain we need to bring the water tables back to normal .....


Anonymous said...

Oh what a wonderful job you did on those rocks!! They look so real and the flowers against them make such a lovely contrast. Beautiful again today! I hope too that you only get rain. We need it so badly here too.
Hugs and take care,

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Beautiful painting Lin. All the soft dull grey's and then the nice splash of beautiful red. Very well done.

Stay safe. Fingers will be crossed for you.

Teri C said...

This is just so wonderful Lin.
Prayers and hugs for a safe trip through the storm.

Joan said...

The rocks and water look so calming!!! Lovely colors in this. I hope the storms bring the needed rain and no problems!! When you watch the weather channel the storms are lined up like planes waiting to take off. Good luck.

Teresa said...

Beautiful Lin! Love the clean fresh colors.

Sandy said...

Oh Lin - first of all the sketch is perfect for the calm before the storm. We in CT are likewise watching these hurricanes closely - we are way overdue- they seem to be coming like a freight train - batten down and be safe!!

Shirley said...

Gorgeous, wonderful, amazing rocks!! Hope you just get rain - and that those precious kitties are willing to move into a safe place.

Gail said...

Hey Lin,
Love your rocks, I find them one of the hardest(no pun intended) things to paint. Good Luck thru the storm.

caseytoussaint said...

Are you ok?
This is really a wonderful painting, Lin.