Monday, September 01, 2008

Door and Roses

Door and Roses
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I have to admit to much distraction yesterday -- I kept dashing outside to sit on the front steps to watch Boots and her babies -- just to see how things were going. Being a 'first-time kitty Nonna" has its 'musts' afterall! So painting took a backseat to this 'under-my-nose' event!

We also worked on pear butter preserves between 'Boots-Watching' .. so things have been a bit out of the ordinary for me.

I can report that Mom and her five are doing well, and once the sun is up, I'll take more photos -- but I have to admit that watching that tumbling mass of fur balls has tickled me to pieces -- as a kind friend wrote yesterday, I'll have my own built in comedy team with this group -- and I can see already she's absolutely right. I'm also finding they're a fabulous stress reliever ... !! Only wonder if I could feed them all those preserves I've been working on? (just kidding! LOL)


Patti G. said...

The kittens are wwwonderfully sweet!WOW!
And your latest color piece is stunning Lin! The front door and roses, the shadows and all of it! Just bbbbbbeautiful and the PEARS below!!!!!!!!! Honestly Lin, you have blown me away!

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful and so colorful and sunny -- your shadows are terrific! I feel like I could just walk right through that door! Gorgeous work amongst all that's going on at your house!

Teri C said...

So absolutely beautiful! You are going to be a great Nonna to those kittens. :)

Deb said...

Lovely shadows and brickwork! Love the colors you've used.

ps...congrats Nonna! What fun you're gonna have!

Joan said...

I love the shade across the door!!! Lovely job on this!!!