Monday, September 29, 2008

Ground Nut - Apios

Ground Nut - Apios
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I didn't get a chance to post this from the plein air trip last month -- I recognized it winding its way amongst the cattails and shrubs at the Mill we visited -- It's Apios - or ground nut ---

It's tan/lavender dual-colored, cloverlike blossoms had a sweet, rich scent that kept us company as we painted along the water's edge. If one follows this twining vine to the ground and digs beneath it, you'll uncover tiny white tubers filled with starch. These are edible and were used by early people much like potatoes. I found a field of these during a wildfood workshop I conducted years ago. We dug up several handfuls, sliced the tubers and fried them as French fries ...

My fuzzy-headedness is making painting a real challenge! Sigh ... I hope today goes better with the brush AND the coughing ... thanks too for your kind well wishes ...


Teri C said...

What an interesting plant you just taught me about!! Happy to hear you are on the way to recovery.

Anonymous said...

Posted at 6:19 a.m. Yikes. This is so delicate and lovely; I really like the soft colors and shades and the contrast between the berries and the leaves. What an interesting story. With the economy the way it is we might have to be searching for some "natural" foods!

Jona said...

Nice story. Thanks for sharing!

I hope that by the time I'm writing this you already feel better. Get well soon!