Saturday, September 27, 2008

Italian Doorway

Italian Doorway
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The kindness and incredible friendships forged across miles and miles through the miracle of technology and the Internet never fail to amaze me.

I met Jona ( though her wonderful blog and paintings, and though she lives in Slovenia and I thousands of miles away in the US, our love of Italy binds us in so many ways.

On her recent trip to Italy, Jona most generously shared some photos with me to paint -- and this beautiful doorway was one of them -- THANK YOU, JONA!

Though the perspective is a bit off, I so hope I did this scene justice, as well as sharing a love of place that seems to bring so many of us together.


Anonymous said...

Oh you more than did it justice. It's lovely and the details are so unique and so well done. I love the soft color of the door and your shadows. Just lovely!

Joan said...

Lovely job, Lin!!! Nice colors and shadows capturing that quiet time of day in Italy. Jana must have some wonderful pictures.

Teri C said...

it's beautiful Lin. Your play of shadows and light is awesome.
And I agree that Jona is a sweetie!!

Jona said...

Oooh, you painted it, Lin :)))
And I love it!!

You are being too kind, Lin... I'm feeling imbaraced :)... THANK YOU!!
It was a great pleasure to share some pics with you...
This one is from a street Via delle Volte in Ferrara.

Teri, you are making me blush.:) You are so kind ladies and it is entirely my pleasure to know you, Lin and Teri.