Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Creek after TS Hannah

My Creek after TS Hannah
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A few hours after Hannah finished with her rains, I walked down to our creek to see how far it had risen. There was evidence that the creek rose enough to flatten the vegetation along its banks, and for the first time in a LONG time, there was water RUNNING, and running FAST, enough to create this little falls.

I snapped some photos to sketch by, hesitant to remain too long by the waters with snakes on the prowl.

Though it is predicted that Hurricane Ike will miss this part of the US, my thoughts and prayers are with those who have or will be experiencing this vicious storm.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great job altogether but I really like the logs and the movement in the water. You just keep getting better and better! Glad you got rain but not all the storm problems.

Teri C said...

Another gift from the storm. Beautiful job on this Lin.

Nita said...

This is beautiful!

Joan said...

Nice job on this!!! Glad you got some rain from the storm to add to the little stream. I know it was sorely needed. I spoke to my brother who lives outside of Atlanta and he said they haven't really gotten much rain from any of the storms that passed through.