Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oxford - A Former Gas Storage House for Gas Lights

Thank you dear friends for your generous Best Wishes for our anniversary! It was a beautiful, restive day -- just what we both needed! I'll write more about the festival after I've had a chance to paint a bit from it -- but it was a glorious day, weatherwise especially -- filled with music, and apples, crafts, art and the 'away from it all' both Charles and I needed!

The weather lately is finally turning fallish -- daytime temperatures are in the high 60s and 70s with evening in the 50sF -- This change has begun to affect our foliage -- and as we made our way west to the festival, more and more of the roadside trees were starting to wear bits of yellow, and here and there, even a spot of red.

When I drove home earlier this week, I really loved the look of all the fall yellows against this old barnish building that I pass just before turning into our cluster of homes.

Charles tells me that while it is now used mostly for storage, our farm neighbor, prior to his death, told us that it used to be where 'gas' was stored -- the gas used for lighting homes in this rural community. The field behind this structure is used for growing hay, and many of my 'hay field' paintings as well as rural field and tree scenes are based on this property.

It promises to be another cool morning and afternoon -- and we're expecting company for dinner ...I hope everyone has a wonderful day and has a chance to enjoy the last bit of 'official' summer ...


Anonymous said...

Interesting!!! And a lovely painting. Oh how I love this cooler weather too. Have a fun day with your company and don't overdo harvesting the apples!

Joan said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I love the colors in the field, but just part of the barn peeking out! Lovely!! The kittens look so cute! Glad to see them coming out.

Jona said...

You see, Lin, that your Ms.Muse didn't stay away long... Lovely and peaceful scene.
You are mastering your landscapes greatfully!