Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pastel Brick Building and Flowers

My friend Jen graciously permitted me to use one of her gorgeous photos for this sketch ( YOU JEN!!!!

I am challenged to sketch buildings that aren't rendered too stiffly yet remain solid and grounded ... and so I keep trying to get on paper the 'feel' I have for them rather than simply their form. I have to admit that I haven't quite achieved what I had hoped to with this, so my apologies, Jen ...but I'll keep trying. And I thank you once more!

Busy time this weekend -- we visited an art show in Chapel Hill yesterday -- wonderful works! It's funny viewing art through one's own experience and challenges of creating paintings...somehow you see more of the 'hand' of the artist than you saw before ... beyond the picture painted. A very interesting experience.

My prayers continue for those affected by Hurricane Ike ... it has been a horrible, disasterous storm.


Thaysse Morgana said...
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Teri C said...

I love that bit of red in this wonderful painting.

Anonymous said...

Very very nice. I always love your buildings and windows! It is so true, before I took a painting lesson, I never "saw" a lot of things I see now. Although it's been so long since I've painted, I'm beginning to lose the "seeing" again!!
Love the contrast of the red flowers against the white background.

Joan said...

Lin - Very nice job on this!!! I love the stonework you did on the building. As an artist you do start looking at other people's paintings differently...sometimes it's a "how did she/he do that?" and sometimes it's an "I can do better than that."lol I'm having a busy art weekend. I finished 2 cards for my exchanges, worked on a half sheet painting for a few hours yesterday, am going to a friend's gallery show today, and then going to paint in plein air.