Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rebecca's Pitcher

Rebecca's Pitcher
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Daily Practice

Sometimes I think I should change this to "Evening-squeeze-in-something-to-paint" practice!! LOL

Another late night this week and a return to the B&B after 9 pm ... a quick sketch before falling into bed at 10:30 pm ... and another early morning...

It's raining, blustery, and cold this morning ... a few more meetings this morning and then I'm heading home to tuck myself into my computer there and try to knock out yet another grant. Things at the office are too busy and demanding to give the concentration needed to focus on writing.

Stay warm and dry!

BTW, some folks have asked about purchasing some prints of my work -- THANK YOU!!! -- I've placed a small selection at Red Bubble, or you can always write me .. again, thank you for such encouragement!!


Anonymous said...

It is always amazing to me that when I would be passed out in bed after a day like yours, you are up and painting -- and beautifully. The details on the pitcher are incredibly well done. And bravo on placing your prints for sale -- and all best wishes for lots of sales!

Teri C said...

You really captured that old look Lin.

And it is 90 aleady in AZ

Jona said...

I can say just big respect, that you don't let one day go without puting paint to brush!

Best wishes for your prints!!! BRAVO, Lin!!

Nicest greetings.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

We too have had a blustery day.

Your pitcher is lovely. Don't you just love the way blue relates to calm and peaceful?

Joan said...

Super job on the blue pattern on the pitcher!!! I love how you can do a painting so late at night AND so well!!! The weather hasn't been too nice here either...I put on a sweatshirt last night!!!!

Sherry said...

This painting called out to me. I love the shape and the pattern of the spatterware. I have one small Redwing spatterware bowl that came to me from my paternal grandmother. Friends say I should put it up, not use it for fear of breakage, but I love using something she used.