Friday, September 19, 2008

Yellow Landscape

Yellow Landscape
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Daily Practice

It's been that kind of a week -- I bring myself to the practice table, but the 'inspiration' that ususally fills my time there seems to have fled. I'm sure fatigue and busyness, family and work concerns nibble away at that 'zone' one wishes to move into to practice or paint at one's best. And I know we've all experienced that restlessness every now and again. And we know too, that it shall pass. Still, the frustration of working THROUGH it, is such a BOTHER! LOL

Nevertheless, having been through these kinds of days before, I continue to put paint to paper DESPITE the outcome, knowing that when Ms. Muse decides to show up again, at least I'll be at the table READY for her return.

Despite the art frustration, we've been having some incredibly wonderful fall-like days -- cooler temperatures, blue skies, foggy mornings. Roadsides are yellow and lavender with wildflowers, and we've plans this weekend to visit an apple festival ... maybe I'll find Ms. Muse there... but if I don't, I know the apples we purchased last year will be well worth the trip!

Here's to inspiration! May we all find a bit more today!


Felicity said...

Well, there is absolutely no sign of inspiration lacking in this painting Lin! Doing the work and waiting for the muse sounds MUCH easier than it is in practice, bravo to you, that's amazing dedication!

Joan said...

BEAUTIFUL job on the foreground and the trees in this!! We're having "autumnal weather" too. I've had to wear a jacket on my morning walks. Have fun apple picking...hope you find your muse. We're heading to San Antonio for a wedding this weekend...quick light in & out, so we'll be exhausted by the time we get back.

Teri C said...

I think your muse sneaked in anyway because this is a beautiful scene!

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. I know we are never satisfied with our own work but I think your muse was definitely "at home" when you painted this one. The colors are wonderful and the whole scene works together perfectly.

YUM, new fall apples. I just got some Tues. from the Farmer's Market. Wonderful, crisp, juicy! Have fun!

Teresa said...

Hi Lin,
I remember a quote I read sometime back... it was actually about writing, but I think it applies equally well to painting. It said, "The muse comes to the moving pen" .... or in this case, paintbrush! I think your muse showed up when your paintbrush started moving!

Linda said...

Oh Lin ... I wish I had you as a next door neighbor! :-D I could use some of that PUSH that you are so good to give yourself! Wonderful work!

yoon see said...

Very beautiful piece.
I love your clever judgement to bring attention the foreground landscape with fresh apple green, then make more depth with the rest at the background and the light white sky as a balance.

Jona said...

Big respect, Lin, that you sit at your painting table even when you are tired or don't feel inspirate. I can learn from you!!

And I like how you painted the distant trees in this one.