Friday, May 29, 2009

Dusk from the Tower

Dusk from the Tower
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Evening sets after the first day at La Romita. This is the view from the "Tower' where three of the workshop participants (me included!) stayed! It overlooks the city of Terni.

I cannot begin to describe this incredible two week journey! My journal is almost filled -- mostly with words and notes -- some paintings to finish - lots more to add.

I arrived back to my home very late last night, so it will take quite a while to catch up as well as reorganize myself. Judging from emails at work, we have a new presidents, many obligations and several events that will take a bit of my time until most of THAT dust settles, and the same is true here at home.

For now, my mind, my soul, my heart is still on Italy time. I've downloaded over 3,000 photos (oh my gracious!!! LOL), so there's much to go through.

I painted some while there -- but I have to admit to an incredible distraction trying to absorb the sights, sounds, impressions, photos, people, workshop lessons, new friends, the language ... well, you know, I was over-the-top excited and cold barely sit down to get in the painting zone -- so I have a few paintings, and I'll post those as we go along.

I think what I'll try to do in order to share this journey with you is to post some photos, some notes from the trip, some of the incredible FLICKR friends who joined me (and whom I met for the first time in real life -- absolutely AWESOME!!), some of the food, some paintings .....

I'll try to get to this daily, but please bear with me if my 'catch up' takes a bit of time ....

Meanwhile, I am so glad to be safely home. The workshop, like my trip to Italy, was a gift of a lifetime.

I'd like to thank Karlyn Holman ( for one of the most out-of-this-world workshops and trips -- so exceptionally organized, planned, yet remaining spontaneous, fun, adverturesome, educational, social, enriching, magical..... and more. And thank you to Douglass Thomas, co-instructor for the workshop.

I am missing Italy already!


Patti G. said...

WELCOME home LIN, I was thinking of your extreme joy with the trip and am glad you are home and safe! Memories, and 3000 picturse should help you keep tickled over your experiences! Just sooooooo happy for you doll! Sending a welcome home hug!

Teri C said...

It looks and sounds awesome Lin. I want to absorb everything your felt, did and saw! Post on!!

Welcome home.

Anonymous said...

All your photos are lovely but this one is over the top. What a great shot. Love all the descriptions and can't wait to hear all about your trip as the days go by.
I'm so very happy that you had this opportunity and that you enjoyed it so thoroughly.