Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Marsh and Trees

Marsh and Trees
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Daily Practice

We're off to see Airlie Gardens today -- all 30 of us! Though the skies are cloudy and rain is in the forecast, we're braving the elements to see the spring blooms along the coast of North Carolina.

I'll be gone all day (as I was yesterday), so I'll try to catch up tomorrow ...

Stay dry everyone!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a perfect picture of late spring -- all greened out! I especially love the way you've mastered the feeling of depth. My eyes followed the small bushes in front to the tree and all the way back eventually to the sky. Gorgeous and so well done. Hope your trip was fun and not too rain filled!

Sandy said...

Glorious spring landscape - the softness of the new grass - the minimal blue sky that is Perfect and the depth of that tree trunk all balance harmoniously! Great work! have a good day!

Joan said...

Beautiful job on the grasses of the marsh!!! Hope your trip was fun!!