Thursday, May 07, 2009

Rebecca's Shed and Ivy-Clad Pecan Tree

Daily Practice
Plein Air

I got to the B&B just before the storms set in for the night. I had sketched this scene last week of Rebecca's shed and one of her 3 ivy-clad pecan trees that tower over her backyard. I managed to paint three-quarters of it last night before I gave in to the constant thunder and sporatic rains. I moved my car around the front trellises and sat in it so I could finish the painting, despite the weather. I went indoors just as I finished the bed of iris and the rain was coming down in sheets -- just as it is this morning.

One more day of work! YAHOO! I'm back-to-back meetings yet again, with appointments running from 7:30 am until 7:30 pm ... so my computer time is limited once more.... but tomorrow .. VACATION begins!!!

Stay dry everyone -- we're in very bad storms with threats of tornados and lightning should make a very interesting day!


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Love how you've carried off using all that green ... great job.

Joan said...

I LOVE the contrast of the shed cover with the green foliage. Nice job on that tree covered in ivy!!! Nice job on this! Do you have your head ready for Italy? What a change that will be!

Anonymous said...

Oh it's glorious Lin -- looks like a lot of time and work. I love it all but that vine covered tree is the best -- incredible work. Last week we were begging for rain (forest fires) now we are having floods and more rain on the way. Be careful what you wish for!! You know that song: I'm in a New York Frame of Mind? Well, start singing: I'm in an Italian Frame of Mind!