Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Rebeccas Rose Trellis

Rebeccas Rose Trellis
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Daily Practice

A disappointing day yesterday. We left with two vans and an extra vehicle filled with excited patrons and headed toward Wilmington and the spring blooms of Airlie Gardens. About 30 minutes into the trip, the heavens opened up, and sheets of rain, drumrolls of thunder and bolts of lightning 'had their way with us.' Sigh. We pulled into a rest stop to call the Gardens to see if the weather were any better, and it seemed that the banks of storm clouds were going to continue throughout the day. Sadly, we turned the cars around and returned to the Arboretum to plan alternative trips.

We wound up scheduling not one, but FOUR trips between June and next May - with suggested ideas for the 2010-2011 year. So we were able to achieve some positive results from the day.

The storms battered us until well into the evening, with several tornatos wrecking havoc in the towns we had passed by. So we probably made the sane decision - disappointing as it was.

After we all dried off and resumed the tasks we could now tackle, the day went fairly well. When I left for the evening, I reached the B&B before sundown. Under threatening skies, I sat in my car in front of Rebecca's Rose Trellis, and sketched that cheerful scene. Later on, Rebecca told me that the climbing roses were her mother's ... even more special to her.

More meetings today and tidying tasks before my trip next week. I'm waiting until Saturday to get excited...!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

Oh it's breathtaking Lin -- and so much beautiful detail.
Glad you arrived early enough to capture this beautiful scene before you leave for your trip or before the winds and rain have their effect on it. Aw, get excited now about Italy!!!

Joan said...

Lin, this is gorgeous!!! I love the colors and the sense of depth to this!! Sorry to hear your trip didn't go well, but you stayed safe and that's what's important. Enjoy!!!

Pat said...

Hi Lin
This one is so spring. It tells it all. Love your work, as always.