Saturday, May 02, 2009

Tuscan Orchards

Tuscan Orchards
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Daily Practice

It's been raining on and off for the last few days, and with work as busy as it's been, I haven't had a moment to even begin getting excited about my trip -- so yesterday, I found this photo of a Tuscan Orchard and thought I'd work on a bit of Italian-countryside practice. I've noticed that I've sketched this before ... guess I need to renew my stash of photo references!! LOL And seeing this on my monitor, I wish I had made the rows just a tad spikier ...oh well, next time.

Worked a bit outdoors in between the raindrops to plant a few more flowers and vegetables, ran some errands, and tried practicing some 'loose' paintings -- which turned out to be more of a mess than anything else ... lol

We're off to the Farmer's Market - strawberries are in already, and I need to pick up a few items for the trip. I have one more week to work, equally intense as the last three have been. But then --- R&R and Italy --- SIGH!!!


Joan said...

Ooooooooh!!! Tuscany!!!! I love the sky in this and that enchanting red tiled building with the rows leading to it. Super job!!! Just think of all the reference photos you'll be taking soon. Makes me want to do a Tuscan painting! Have fun at the farmer's market!

Anonymous said...

Ah I love it; doesn't need to be any spikier!! I'm getting as excited as you must be for the trip ahead for you. I hope it rains softly while you are gone on your flowers and veggies, and shines on you in Italy.

Teri C said...

Oh so pretty and so 'Tuscan'!

Pat said...

This is a lovely painting. It is lush and juicy. You have put your dream for a wonderful visual trip in to your interpretation. I am also working in my garden, planting and over buying.