Friday, August 14, 2009

Apple Blossoms

Apple Blossoms
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Daily Practice
Inspired by Ann Blockley

Home--- is there a nicer word in the English language?

After unpacking and doing a few chores, I put the ripest figs on the stove to bubble and simmer into preserves. I watched a really fabulous DVD by Ann Bockley, as I love her looser style. She reminds me of Janket Rogers - another artist whose style I admire -- and so instead of turning in at a reasonable hour, I played with a few ideas from Ann.

While I didn't achieve the spontaneity Ann does, some of the lost and found edges, highlights, and approach seemed to work. I'm not entirely pleased with my colors though, and this needs, I think, a bit more hard edges here and there -- but overall, I think it's an approach I will enjoy learning as I practice a bit more.

I so enjoy learning new ways of painting - and find DVDs a great way to review over and over ideas that appeal to me. And it's funny, no matter how often I replay them, I learn something each time, hear something I didn't before, or observe that elusive 'something' that I've been searching for.

We're in for a weekend of rain, and I'm glad for the restive quiet it gives me. I've one more intense week, then things should even out a bit more.

Hope your day is filled with peace!


Anonymous said...

I love the detail against the soft colors of the background Lin. It is fun to learn new things and you seem to just absorb new techniques into your vast array of talents so easily -- oh I know all the hard work you put into it -- but you make it look easy!!
Enjoy your rainy weekend and paint and rest, repeat, repeat!!

Teri C said...

Just gorgeous!!!!