Friday, August 21, 2009

Beach Path

Beach Path
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Daily Practice

As I drove northward to my home yesterday, and especially when I turned into our gravel road, I was a bit astonished to see how far toward fall everything looked. Sycamores and tulip poplars were shedding yellow leaves, sumacs were forming pink/brown fruits, and some of the summer shrubs, like my butterfly bushes, were beginning to show a thinning--all pointing toward the turn of the season. We're at least 6-8 weeks from the fall color we usually see in October and most vividly in November, but change is definitely in the air and in the landscape.

I painted this beach path last weekend - falling in love with the shadows and that changing light that indicates 'end of summer.' Though we never made it to the ocean this year, memories of all the years I raised my children on the beaches of South Carolina were with me as I painted from a photo reference. Our paths to the Atlantic didn't have as much shade as this view, but the abundance of vegetation, all seeming to thrive in nothing but sand, was always an amazing sight to me. Live oaks draped with Spanish Moss, hints of blue water, and swaying grasses were all part of the 'beach experience' for my family and me.

I must say, today especially, with the fatigue of the week in my eyes and shoulders, rain from Hurricane Bill on the way, and cooler temperatures expected .... the memories of those 'beach days' are a wonderful walk ....

Stay well.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a beach person but I am drawn in by your lovely, soothing colors, the serenity and the way everything fits together -- almost photographic but gentler!! Gorgeous.
Hugs and rest well this weekend,

Joan said...

Lin - This reminds me of the beach paths near Myrtle Beach!!! Nicely done!!

Claire M said...

I enjoyed finding this sketch today and your reflections on the end of summer. I can also 'feel it in the air' (we just got home from vacation last night)and I appreciate my memories of this summer as well as many summers in the past.