Monday, August 03, 2009

Bill's Whitewater Dance Challenge

Daily Practice

Like Donna ( this is my first 'wave' attempt, and attempt at anything other than a sandy beach! LOL The beaches I've lived near here on the East Coast have all been white and sandy with few rocks ... it was fun to attempt the rockiness and bits of mauve I saw in Bill's reference photo ( of a beach from the 'other' side of the ocean! I think I could have made the wave a bit more dramatic - but for now, I was excited to try some new techniques to get that splash and spray! FUN, Bill -- thanks !!!! and I'm looking forward to your tutorial!

Thank you all too for your kindest comments yesterday. Your generous encouragement truly keeps me attempting new things!

For a day of leisure, we wound up fairly busy yesterday. My son and his friend visited us for dinner - always good to see him!! We returned a bit to his hobby of insect observation and collecting, and spent some time identifying moths and the ways of mud daubers, a few beetles and the like. 'Bugs' don't bother me much - unless they're biting me or bothering my plants, so it was fun to remember some special times he and I spent out of doors quite a number of years ago.

After they left, C and I pitted several bags of cherries. We put up a batch of cherry jam and added several racks of them to the dehydrator. I like drying my own fruit - oftentimes the dried fruit one purchases in the grocery stores are preserved with sulphur, which leaves a bitter aftertaste -- so doing my own, listening to the summery hummmmm of the dryer is simply part of the summer to me. Before my farm neighbor passed, we used to gather cherries together from his enormous tree. These days, I have to wait until they go on sale at the market! LOL

The rain gave the weeds a bit of reprieve yesterday -- so I'm anxious to get at them today. The humidity is mighty high with our bouts of rain and sun, but we're all grateful to have the rain. Figs are plumping on the trees, tomatoes are still setting, and the apples are almost ready for picking ... the rain helps make all of those even better!

I hope your day is filled with the things you need!


Anonymous said...

Wow Lin, I'm impressed. I love the huge wave and the spray in the air -- and the colors. The whole composition sings! Love hearing about all your activities.

Connie said...

Great movement!

No rest for you! But what a wonderful visit!

Joan said...

Lin - VERY NICE!!! You captured the splash and the roll of the wave perfectly!!

Ann said...

This is a beautiful painting!