Saturday, August 01, 2009

Cherries and Herbs

Cherries and Herbs
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Cherries and Herbs
Daily Practice

Oh, be ever careful what you ask for! The rains! Did we have rain! YAHOO!!!! it finally reached sufficient quantity to soak the soil and WET this area of NC! (thank you for those who helped send it! LOL) ..... But the accompanying wind knocked out our TV and Internet service for well over 10 hours .....! We're expecting a bit more rain today, so I'm hoping that despite the winds that seem to come with all the storms, that our Internet service stays working! Yes, I'll admit it, I'm an Internet-addicted person .... sigh.

Thank you too for your most incredibly generous comments yesterday. I was running errands most of yesterday (before the rain) and couldn't catch up with any postings until late last night -- so thank you once more.

I worked on 'wet in wet' blends yesterday and staying soft - a constant challenge for me ... The herb pot is from a photo I took in Tuscany, the cherries from my refrigerator, and the cinnamon basil (below) from my garden, sketched plein air last week.

I'm finding that if I don't return to these 'softer' studies, my tendency is to lose the whites far too soon, and so until these lessons become integrated into 'habit' I need to keep the discipline of the 'softer side.'

Today, with everything so very sodden, I'll probably practice a bit at my drawing table -- less the sun comes out for a while. I need to run a few local errands, and tonight we're scheduled to see one of C's friends performing at a local coffee house ... there might even be time enough to take a nap! LOL

Again, thank you for the rain and your kindnesses! Hope today is relaxing for you too!


Karen Gladys Henry said...

Your soft work is really nice! I'll look on Flickr to see better! I think this would make a lovely placemat, the ones with the cork on the back-- in fact many of your sketches would be great for that! Do they have those on that site, i forget the name? Hope your Saturday is restful and nice. I'm waiting for a homemade coffeecake to come out of the oven. Yum!

Joan said...

I should do the same thing...practice being softer and looser...but no time. lol Glad you got some rain, but sorry it knocked things out. I was at the pool yesterday to exercise since it looked too threatening for the beach. It cleared up for about an hour and then I look behind me and the sky looked like it was night. I quickly ran across the complex to safety.It rained, but only for a short while. I guess we were lucky.