Sunday, August 09, 2009

Flowered Arch

Flowered Arch
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I painted this landscape a while ago, but didn't get a chance to post it. I believe the reference was a photo from Latin America - but I love arches of all kinds, and flowered makes them even more appealing to me!

My IT connection 'seems' to be back after two days and four hours on the phone with Tech Support and eight hours of 'waiting.' The signal and strength seem somewhat diminished, so I'm not jumping up and down until I'm sure the 'fix' is going to hold. Sigh. Frustrating indeed.

We had a pretty busy day yesterday - visited the farmer's market, cooked a bit for the herb presentation I will make Monday evening, I picked up the grands and my son joined us for a late dinner.

It seemed though like a day fraught with frustration, though - first my internet service, the farmer's market didn't have some items we needed for our planned dinner today, the stores we stopped in didn't have what we needed either, the library was closed due to renovations, and my son got caught in traffic on his way to dinner and missed the meal with the family! Some days .....! LOL

Today is C's jam and dinner with friends. The day is starting off better than yesterday ... thank heavens ... so fingers crossed.

I did manage to get in a plein air sketch, and will try to get to paint it today. Temps are supposed to reach close to 100F ... whew!

Stay cool ....


Connie said...

Sometimes life happens doesn't it. I wish so much I could join you today. A young friend I used to teach with had ask me to meet her for brunch today. She has new twins to show off and I haven't seen her in several years (she move to Baltimore). I know you will have a great day with friends.

The arches and flowers are amazing. And so are you!

Jona said...

There is a saying in my country that goes something like this: "when the devil has kids, he has plenty of them"...
Well, I wish you a smooth Sunday!

A very romantic scene... really love the climbing plant. Very beautiful.
It's nice to see that you already developed your "own palette"...

Anonymous said...

Don't you just hate those frustrating days. Sometimes it's just better to throw up your hands and take a long nap!! Your painting however turned out gorgeous so you have that to be happy about. You have an affinity with arches and flowers that shows in every one you do. We are off to the in-laws, a two-hour drive, to celebrate BIL's birthday. Hot here too.
Hope today is better for you.

Teresa said...

Oh Lin! This is just beautiful! You did a great job.

Patti G. said...

Beautiful arch and flowers Lin......sorry yesterday was a bummer of events one after another, but NOW THOSE ARE ALL OUT OF THE WAY and positive things will follow! <3

Teri C said...

Such a pretty view. I can see why you love them. Got my fingers crossed for your connection.

Joan said...

Lovely colors in this!!!! Nicely done!