Friday, August 07, 2009

Foggy Lakeside Sun-Up

Foggy Lakeside Sun-Up
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Daily Practice
Limited Palette

Ah .... so good to be home! It seems like the paperwork on my desk as well as meeting obligations are multiplying like proverbial rabbits .... and so I plan my escape by painting quiet, restive scenes. LOL

This image was inspired by a photo reference, and has a bit more contrast in real life. I tried to limit my palette to give this more of a blue/brown/yellow tone to set the mood of early morning - as one might see after camping out on the side of a quiet lake.

Our temperatures are expected to reach close to 100F this weekend, and we've a fairly busy one planned -- and that lake certainly lures me .....

Have a great day!


Teresa said...

Mornin' Lin!

You achieved your objective.... does indeed evoke an early, misty morning!

Teri C said...

Lovely as always. Restful for sure.

Claire M said...

I love how you've captured the fog -- it really makes me think of a foggy day. I'd love to spend some quiet time at the lake that you've painted!

Anonymous said...

A terrific accomplishment -- it sure does like like a morning on Lake Eden in Vermont, many many years ago!
We are in the 90's today -- finally getting some summer weather after a pleasantly warm summer cooled by all the rain. Enjoy your painting day.

Joan said...

You captured the morning misty look to this!!! Good job!!!

Jona said...

Lovely mist, peaceful colors... a quiet place. Love the "ground border" (sorry, my English!).
Nice painting.