Monday, August 17, 2009

Gaillardia - Blanket Flower - Crop

Daily Practice
Inspired by Ann Blockley

I couldn't decide if I liked the cropped version better or the larger -- so I uploaded them both.

I love Ann's style - the way she uses water and rich pigment to give her paintings so much 'flow.' I can't say I achieved her 'wateriness' .. but I do like the rich colors and loose style.

It's back to work today and another intense week. Students return to classes, and my granddaughter enters kindergarten .... Mercy, where has the time gone?

Enjoy your week!


Connie said...


Loose and lovely! Beautiful job on the painting. Wish I had those colors in my yard now.

caseytoussaint said...

Beautiful colr and texture! Really lovely, Lin!

Teri C said...

This is so soft and pretty. I love these flowers also.

Joan said...

Hi, Lin! I'm visiting my sister in Maine so I've missed a few days. I love this...especially as a crop!!! The rich colors are super. I also LOVE the rose of sharon below...WOW!!!

It is hot up here. We went out painting this morning by the water, and I was wishing I wore my bathing suit so I could cool off. Will post some work when I get back after the weekend.

Anonymous said...

I love both of these painting and yes, I too love fall colors. The looseness is so neat -- you do such a terrific job. So detailed on the roses and so loose on these. Just glorious!

Sandy said...

Oh these are simply glowingly gorgeous!!!!!

Robyn said...

Gorgeous combination of detail and looseness, Lin.