Thursday, August 20, 2009

Italian Door - Tuscany

Italian Door - Tuscany
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Daily Practice

In the throes of a hectic workweek, I return in my mind to the restive, inspired landscape and culture of Italy. I scroll through my May photographs and note this Tuscan doorway - bathed in sunlight - the red climbing roses highlighting the pale stones, the curtain giving just enough color to draw my attention. Ahhh .... I am homesick for my ancestral lands!

Things are calming down a bit here at the office, and job duties will be changing in the next few weeks. I am scurrying to get loose ends tied since a great chunk of my time will now be devoted to daily teaching -- something that the growing administrative tasks I have acquired had made impossible. While there hasn't been an increase in the numbers of hours in the day, it means some of my 'normal' tasks must be placed on hold until budgets allow our worklives to return to a more 'routine', less intense pitch. I pray it's soon.

We never got our predicted rain yesterday - but since Hurricane Bill will pass close enough to our coastline, we're expected some solid showers this weekend. If the winds can be kept at bay, the rain will be very welcome!

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I love that color blue and the red and blue against the white stone. Beautiful work on the stone wall too. I think white is very hard to do. So restful and serene.

Teresa said...

It's beautiful, Lin! Love, LOVE! the colors.

Joan said...

Bella!!! Love the color and the stonework. I can imagine myself there easily.

Claire M said...

Great doorway ... wonder what is on the other side.... :-)