Sunday, August 02, 2009

Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree
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Daily Practice

I remember the first time I saw lemons growing on a tree --- my parents' home in Florida boasted a small tree, but laden with the largest yellow fruit that looked like oranges to me. They turned out to be lemons, however, and mighty sour. Then again, I saw trees in Italy, and it seemed every other home had a lemon tree decked out in bright yellow. If I still had my greenhouse, I too would be able to keep a lemon tree - or I could grow a small, ornamental one indoors. Instead, we rely on the grocers to provide those wonderful citrusy, tart, bright fruits that enliven our meals and I seem to crave -- never in my tea -- but in sauces over pork, chicken, tortellini, and even steak. YUM ....

I also rely on wonderful photographers whose reference photos allow me a chance to play with those warm colors - yellows, burnt sienna, orange, green, blue, umbers, and smatterings of turquoise .... eye candy.

We never did get our our rain yesterday, but the heat, like a down jacket in the Carribean, was overwhelming, and so we ran errands and rested. Today, the chores we put off yesterday await, and those weeds that played in all the rain, are getting haircuts, heat or not! LOL

We spent the evening in a small coffee house listening to a most incredible family of talented young men - 12, 14, 16 years old, and their dad -- The Bethesda Bluegrass Boys ( accompanied by their friend and awesome female vocalist, Holly. To sit and sip luscious coffee and watch these YOUNG!!!! people move their fingers adroitly and with lightning speed over strings of mandolin, banjo, base, while dad kept up with guitar, and the sound so powerful, just kept us tapping our toes and admiring them with jaws dropped. We had heard the group last year at the bluegrass festival, but to hear them and actually watch them close up playing their instruments -- simply magical. Mercy, all that talent in one family. At their ages, I was still playing with dolls ...! LOL

It's been a wonderfully restive weekend, and though chores await, I still see where there should be some time to paint and perhaps a nap!

Hope your Sunday is filled with peace!


Connie said...

What is it with us and yellow? I love the color and your painting is great!

Glad you had a pleasant weekend so far - I know you are getting ready for another big push at work. I'll be thinking of you...

Anonymous said...

An absolutely gorgeous painting Lin. I LOVE lemons in my tea; actually learned to like iced tea by having a little with my lemon!! And love it in cooking too. Your painting is so colorful and happy. The group sounds incredible, even if Bluegrass is not my favorite music, I can still appreciate it!

Joan said...

Gorgeous painting of the lemons!!!! It looks like Italy to me. I was astounded when I saw the size of some of the lemons there, especially in Positano. Good work!