Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lycoris - Naked Ladies - Surprise Lily

Daily Practice

Grace. Yesterday was simply one of those days of tranquility, quiet and the space of time that allows one to recuperate a time of intense activity and frenzy. Because of all the
hours we've all worked and the pace of activity, we took a much needed respite and enjoyed a few minutes away from the phones and computers to sit at Cold Stone and enjoy an endulgence of ice cream! With 90F degree weather, creamy, cold, sweet ice cream topped by all kinds of decadent candies, it was absolutely joy and a true moment of grace.

I got to the B&B in the daylight with enough time to sit and watch the evening news and play with paints far longer than I've had time to do in a while.

Yesterday was truly a gift.

Today, we take 2 vans of guests two hours north to visit a wonderful goat farm. We'll tour the farm, learn more about Agri-tourism in our state, sample the goat cheese, have a quiet lunch, then proceed to an ornamental grass arborteum. It's going to be another hot day, but we've traveled with many of these returning Arboretum guests, and so we're looking foward to enjoying the day together as we learn more about North Carolina and the green industry.

Thank you again for your most kind comments yesterday -- may today be a day of respite and grace for you too.


Joan said...

What a lovely painting!!!! I don't think I've ever seen this flower before and I love the vibrant red. Your background makes it really stand out.

Your description of your day tomorrow sounds like you could be giving tours in Italy..."Agriturism Tours by Lin." Did I tell you I'm going to France next month? Paris, Monet's Garden, the Loire Valley and Provence. I'm getting so excited and am itching to paint there!!!

Teri C said...

Even the flower is relaxed and peaceful. Those are such special days especially for you Lin.