Thursday, August 06, 2009

Morning Light

Morning Light
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Daily Practice

This is practice piece (inspired by a photo and enhanced by memory and morning observation) represents the light through our summer foggy mornings -- the sun is breaking through the clouds and coming over the woodlands, grasses and weeds are covering the fields, and there is an indistinction among the individual trees forming the backdrop. Fog is lifting slowly, and though it's cool, there's a sense of the heat to come later in the day ... it's a summer morning in North Carolina.

We've had more rain yesterday, and this morning, the fog is denser. Puddles are everywhere, trees and rooflines drip excess water. More rain is expected, but the plants seem happy with their dryness quenched ...

I make my way through the day's obligations, a few less meetings, a bit more time to find my desk among the papers. Students return next week to register for classes, and the season turns .....


Joan said...

Wonderful!!!! I love the misty look to this and the super colors!!! That section with the post and the grass is perfect!!!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely lyrical description to go with a lovely dreamy painting! It is such a joy for me every day to log into your blog and see your art and read your prose!

Teresa said...

Hi Lin!

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth... though I came close to falling off the ladder while picking blueberries! The blueberry picking is done for another year... what a huge job it was this year. Phew. I appreciate the bounty... but hope that next year is not quite as big a crop! LOL!

Love your beautiful painting. I've missed seeing them. I've now got Extended Reach instead of dial up so I hope I can stay up with my blog reading a little better... it took SO long to read blogs on dial up... takes forever for the pages to load with all the graphics on them. Goodbye to dial up... I shall not miss it!


Jona said...

Dearest Lin,

Had a quick look at your recent paintings ... they are simply wonderful. And everytime more complex. Great job!!

Today's painting is marvellous - great washes and colors.
I hope to have a 'deeper' look of your last period works soon.

I hope you are well. Sending you big big hugs, Jona