Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pond at Summer's End

Pond at Summer's End
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Daily Practice

The light this time of year shows the season's changing. The sun is lower in the sky, daylight ends over an hour earlier than in June, and there's a fading of leaf color that tinges everything a kind of yellow. The vibrant greens of summer are almost gone.

This painting, done from a photograph, was altered to reflect what I see of the pond near our home --- yellowing grasses, more brown stems and weeds along the roadsides, thinnng of tree canopies, a cooler light.

Thank you for your kindest and most generous comments yesterday. Your generosity is deeply appreciated.

Tropical Storm Danny has passed our coastline, but there's a bit of rain in the forecast from another front coming through. We do need the rain, and temperatures are predicted to be MUCH cooler next week --- 20 degrees cooler! That will certainly be turning our leaves yellow far quicker than the monthlong passing of time!

Hope your Saturday is all it can be!


Anonymous said...

Ah so quiet and serene. I love the impressionistic quality of this one and the shading. You do such a great job with wc impressions; harder to do than with oils!
We too are getting rain and cooler temps which are very welcome to me but I'm afraid will keep the crowds away from all the Rand Paul events today. He's in our area and we are involved in hosting the main event tonight at 6:00 -- outdoors. So I hope the rain leaves the area quickly this morning.

Joan said...

Lovely job on this light-filled scene!!! I've been finding so many acorns on my morning walks...a definite seasonal change. Hope your weekend is great!!!

I've been busy setting up our plans for places to stay in feels like a full time job! With the rain today, I'm hoping to paint. I haven't done much of it since I got back from Maine.

Anonymous said...
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