Sunday, August 30, 2009

Roadside Grasses

Roadside Grasses
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Daily Practice

I have always been fascinated by wildflowers --- in fact, my foray into botany began by wondering about the names of those flowers and weeds I saw growing along the roadsides. My curiosity lead me to take my first botany class, and I've been 'hooked' ever since.

This time of year when lawnmowers tend to leave a patch or two along the ditches, the multitude of grasses and flowers grow up in profusion in colors that announce the season - sepia, sienna, brown, gold, yellow, tapioca, yellow, green. My drives around rural North Carolina find more and more to observe and enjoy. This painting was done from memory of those drives. I was trying to capture that tangle of color and the dominence of one or two of the tallest grass varieties ... all against the fall sky. I love this time of year.

We had the grands yesterday - and really had a terrific time. We had lunch at one of those 'children' places where they could climb and slide and dispel some of the energy they always seem to have. We took them grocery shopping - that was an adventure in distraction!!! LOL Then home to cook apple crisps and pudding cups, get 'fancied' with both Nick and Emily painting my nails and nose and cheeks and lips with make-up -- LOL. Baths to cool and scrub off, walks, and trains and dinner -- a full day. Emily and PawPaw played violins while Nick joined them with a guitar -- they made quite a 'joyful' noise ...!

Today we rest. I didn't catch the news last night and can't tell whether the sun is trying to come out or we're in for a bit of rain. Regardless, chores are basically behind us and today will be a quiet one as we gear up for another busy week.

Happy Sunday!


Connie said...

I bet you were even more beautiful than usual! Great job catching the depth in your grasses and the colors of fall on the way.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, fall is almost here. It was actually cold when I went out this morning to feed the outdoor ferals. But I love it and I love the reminder of your lovely fall painting. Enjoy your day of rest. We are off this afternoon to another Campaign for Liberty function -- a picnic in the park.

Teri C said...

One small class, one major life change! Beautiful grasses Lin.

Joan said...

This is lovely!!! I love the colors in the grasses and wildflowers. Due to the budget cuts out here they aren't mowing the grass alongside the highways as far in as before. As a result a lot of the grasses and flowers are growing and it looks so nice. Of course there are those who are complaining that this creates a driving hazard, but I love it!