Wednesday, August 05, 2009


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Daily Practice

I stayed overnight with a friend last night, and when I arrived at her home, she had the most over-flowing, gorgeous vases of rudbekias she had collected from her garden ... bright yellow daisy-like blooms in every room! As we chatted, I loosely sketched and painted the flowers. I'm pleased with the looseness.... the only think I had hoped to have was a bit more light in the room to enable me to see more clearly the contrasts and tones ... Nothing beats an art table with a good light! LOL

Our gardens here at the Arboretum are also overflowering with Rubekias . They're drought tolerant, attract tons of butterflies and several species of songbirds eat the seeds. They bloom from spring until fall .. and are always a cheerful sight!

Thank you too for your encouragement on my posting yesterday -- ya'll are the BEST! Blessings!

Meetings all went well, and I have another day of them. It's supposed to be even hotter than yesterday - sigh - close to 100F! Well, that's August in North Carolina for you.

Stay cool! And once more -- blessings!


Connie said...

Beautiful and loose! I love that you can sketch and talk. I'm going to work on that. Flowers in every room!

Anonymous said...

What a great flower -- does so much!! Maybe the light helped you to paint looser as you've been wanting to do. It's lovely. We are inundated with more days of rain and cooler temps. Hope your meetings go well today too.

Teri C said...

I hear you the light but perhaps that made you sketch looser. Beautifully done!

Joan said...

I love the summery brightness to this!!! Nicely loose too!!!

Linda said...

Lovely,Lin! I love the looseness in this one. I need to plant some of these -- I have a garden full of cone flowers, and leave the seedheads standing all winter, because they attract FLOCKS of goldfinches. If the rudbekia do the same, they are worth mixing in there!