Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Trail of Cats

The Trail of Cats
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I promised another shot of the kitties following us during our walks ... Here they're strung out along the road after we've crossed the creek and are heading to the round-about at the top of the road. Two are missing - Pepper and Whiskers. Pepper has begun coming with us part-way --- but Whiskers has yet to follow the crowd! LOL

(From Front of photo to back - Boots, Blackie, Target, and Spot by the rock on the right hand side.)


Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE the photo Lin. Thanks for posting. It's like a kitty parade although they do lack a bit of unity in formation LOL. Isn't it funny how they all kinda go their own way and stop to sniff out various things. I think it's so sweet that they follow you on your walks. Thanks for posting.

Connie said...

I love them! I only have two and they will follow a short distance. Too many big dogs if they go very far so I don't really want them too.

Miss you friend. Maybe they would have a paint out soon.