Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vase - 20 min and Dashing

Vase - 20 min and Dashing
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Daily Practice

With a mere 20 minutes of uncommitted time yesterday, this simple vase was all I could manage to get done. I tried to keep things simple, and added a bit of 'Asian" feel to the branches ...

Our trip last night to one of the largest nurseries in the US was incredible -- ACRES upon ACRES of potted plants, greenhouses, THOUSANDS of roses, perennials, shrubs ... we rode in covered wagons drawn by large tractors around miles of nursery-owned land - and listened to the questions about running such a huge operation. Our students, many brand- new to the industry, had their mouths open in wonder and amazement, while even those nurserymen who have been in the industry longer than I've been in NC looked justifiably impressed.

We didn't sit for dinner until after 8 pm, and that orange crescent moon was brightly shining in a navy blue sky by the time we all vanned back to the college.

To say I'm whipped today is an understatement. We've still got late meetings tonight and 25 people scheduled for our trip to an Agri-tourism goat farm tomorrow.

I will find some time today to catch up with myself and relax enough to sketch. These last few weeks have been mighty full.

I've been asked if I practice drawing everyday. To be honest, it will be 4 years in November since I made the promise to myself to really learn how to draw and paint AND to practice everyday, even if it were merely a vase. Starting to sketch and paint so late in life means I really have to 'hurry up' and learn before I've run out of time! LOL And daily practice is the only way I know, with my crazy schedule, to learn quickly!

Further, we all give so much of ourselves to our jobs, our families, our children, churches, worthy causes. We give from commitment and full hearts. But we are human, afterall, and as such, I do believe we each need to fill our own wells so that we can continue giving and doing. Each of us finds a way to 'refill' and 'refresh' ... or we should, I think. I try to do that daily with a bit of 'me' time by sketching and painting. I find it meditative, and in some ways, like prayer. I find that same solace when I garden, when I walk in the woods, among other such times and activities. But with the pace of life these days, 30 minutes of quiet time to breath and reconnect to something that returns one to oneself, I think is important. At least it is to me. And so yes, I sketch or paint everyday -- or at least make the attempt. I think it helps.

And I thank you for asking ... truly.


Anonymous said...

Lin I am truly stunned by your beautiful vase. It is so difficult to get the rounded effect and yours is a masterpiece!!! Incredible!
I love the colors and I agree that it called for some Asian blooms. What a lovely piece you wrote too. You are incredible.

Ann said...

This is so beautifully done, that vase just glows! And your post is wonderfully stated, thanks for sharing.

Joan said...

That vase is GORGEOUS!!! I love the colors and the wispy branches set it off perfectly! I know how hard it is for you to sketch or paint something every day, and I admire your dedication. I know that your words are so true!!!

Dana Cochran said...

Lin, I am so glad I found your blog. I too, am learning late in life, and feel that I must practice and devote time daily... although I just got serious about that a month or so ago!
I look forward to following your blog. You do gorgeous work!

Teri C said...

Wow, this 20 minute beauty is awesome! The colors and forms are just beautiful.

Sandy said...

20 minutes and you achieved such a Zen sketch - and a glowing pot - lovely, lovely, lovely!!!

Connie said...


You are my idol...I had 30 minutes so why didn't I use it to practice? I have to do better. The vase is beautiful - I love the lights and blends especially. You always inspire me!

You are having too much fun on these field trips - but I know fun makes you tired too.

Hope to see you soon.

love and hugs