Friday, November 13, 2009

Abbey Ruin

Abbey Ruin
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12" x 14"
Arches 140# CP

On the second day with Karlyn Holman, we painted in a more traditional style of capturing the shadows first in cobalt and permanent magenta - then painting OVER the shadows in local colors. This is a view of one of the abbeys in France. I thought I'd try painting a landscape from somewhere other than Italy! LOL

The idea behind this lesson, also taught while we WERE in Italy, is to capture the shadows as quickly as possible, especially while location, since they are changing minute by minute. Once this is done, the constantly changing light isn't a factor is the result of the painting - since the shadows were established FIRST. I believe Karlyn has published this idea in her last two books. It was fun, and truly by doing the shadows first, the painting almost painted itself very, very quickly.

This two-day workshop ended far too soon - but oh did we have a grand time.

Yesterday, we began our classes at Art in the Carolinas -- and guess who was the first person we ran into? Karlyn! LOL

We're still encased in clouds and rain - so being indoors has been a blessing. After our class yesterday (more on this tomorrow), we dashed down to Smithfield for a long Board meeting. They passed our budget (THANK YOU!) - but the almost two hour drive home in the rain and dark made for a very long and tiring day.

We return to Jerry's today for another two classes. There is so much to absorb in such a short time --- and I'm running into folks I haven't seen in years! I so hope to find a way to be able to take more classes throughout the year. Condensing my art education into one week a year sure can be tough!! LOL

Have a great day!


Lorraine said...

Lovely change of pace and the colors and shading are beautiful. Can't wait to hear about your other classes (I'm living vicariously through your art experiences!).

The rain all along the coast made our news last night and I don't envy you that! Stay safe and well and have a wonderful time at Jerry's.

Joan said...

I love your French abby!!! You really nailed it. When I'm out doing plein air I need to remember to do the shadows is a good idea, and I often forget. Keep enjoying the classes and sharing your work with us.

Looks like the storm has hit you hard. We are getting showers, but it hasn't been too bad here. I hope that doesn't change. I know they were worried about beach erosion up here.

Jona said...

Very rich and full of atmosphere.

So happy you enjoyed the workshops so much.
You are lucky in the US, in my country no such workshops are available. Only whole year painting groups which cover every painting technique and style, not just the specific ones one is interested in (esp. nothing about watercolor.

Have a beautiful weekend.