Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fall Pond

Fall Pond
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9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

Getting a chance to practice what I've learned last week has been exceptionally difficult with my return to work. Between meetings, changes, classes, late night events, and moving toward a new semester, registration, final exams and final projects, I feel like the pace of life has been on warp speed. Add to this leaving this weekend to drive to Florida to help my mom pack up her home as she prepares a move across several states. I suppose all this activity is better than being bored! LOL But it does make it difficult to get in the practice and application I'm longing to do while techniques and demonstrations are freshest in my mind.

This was painted over the weekend as I attempted to continue practicing what I learned in Sterling Edward's class by using his large, flat, bristle brushes. I must admit that using flat brushes is unusual for me -- I began painting watercolor with rounds and seem to gravitate toward them despite the subject. So I'm still learning how flats are used, how best to use them -- and now, how to use bristle brushes to the best of their capabilities. I do love how they easily create distant tree shapes -- far easier than with rounds!

Back to the workshops -- Judy and I took two additional classes. For me, I didn't have any painting success with either - though they were enjoyable. I took a 3 hour class from Tom Lynch - and try as I could to wrap my mind around first washes and cutting in to create the image, I just could not do that with any type of success. I have his books and wanted to participate in this workshop to try to overcome this particular block, but I do believe fatigue and the hurried pace of the workshop just didn't work for me.

My last workshop, a full day with Lian Zehn ( was an experience just to be there! Watching him pour paint, swish the brush ever so lightly to achieve such luminescent results, watching the ease and joy with which he painted -- was something I was so grateful to see! I purchased his DVDs and book just so he could sign his work -- and his signature included a original miniature painting! WOWZA! I have so much to learn here - -so much to admire! And probably the rest of my life to even come close to learning! But Wow!

The entire week was absolutely amazing -- and yes, very tiring. I think my strategy next year will be to try to take the hardest, longest workshops FIRST while I'm freshest ....

Anyway, I'm dashing to yet another meeting ... hope your day is wonderful. And once more, my deepest and most humble thanks for your incredible kind words yesterday. You're the BEST!


Teri C said...

It is a beautiful scene Lin. One would never know how busy you are!

Cori Lynn Berg said...

Oh I just love the delicacy of those trees and the birds flying overhead...

Joan said...

LOVELY!!! I like those background trees. Looks like you're really getting the hang of the brush. I took a class with Tom Lynch once. It was fun. I have seen Lian Zehn demo twice here on Long Island. I want to take a class with him the next time he is out here. He is so nice and so much fun to watch and hear. I love my little "signature" painting too.

Good luck with the move. Is your mom moving up near you?

Lorraine said...

Beautiful fall scene Lin and one would never know you used flat brushes -- the detail on the tree branches is so fine!

Wow, life gets more and more hectic for you. Good luck with your mom's move. Things like that can be emotionally draining, not to mention, tiring -- so take good care of yourself when you go (and before).

The classes sound wonderful but I know what you mean about being tired and on overload. I think any class taken at the end of a week at Jerry's would be difficult to assimilate!

Sandy said...

I adore that smokey background effect, very realistic, I sympathize with the class frustration, I know I would have been Lost.