Monday, November 16, 2009

Forest Floor - A Workshop with Linda Kemp

From serene playfulness to puzzle-pieces - all in a day! We had a three-hour session with Linda Kemp on negative painting --- FUN! But far more tightly focused. Linda is an incredible instructor - organized, paced with building blocks of information, playfulness with a more left-brained approach, and a rich understanding and sharing of shapes. We did several practice pieces and I finished this one at home. Negative painting is far more difficult than it seems at first - at least to produce a pleasing and integrated design. My friend, Bev Morgan, is a master of this method and while I've always admired her work, I am really in AWE now!

We came home to collapse, again, and have squeezed in 2 more workshops - for me, neither as successful painting wise - I think the go-go-go-go-go of the last few weeks and intensity of this week has caught up with me.

Judy leaves early this morning. It's 4:39 am right now, and we leave in an hour. I've an intense, stressful week ahead - but these workshops have given me a chance to take my mind in another direction, and will provide the much needed inspiration and 'go-to' place when things get over-the-top.

I teach all day today so I must apologize if I don't get to catch up until later this week. I do hope your week is fabulous and restful!


Lorraine said...

Incredible job. I always found negative painting to be so difficult and you've really hit this nail on the head!

Whew; what a busy life you are having but I'm glad a lot of it has been fun.
Take good care of yourself this week as you dive back into the churning waters!

Joan said...

Great negative painting. I've tried it and like you think it's much harder than it looks. Looks like you had fun with all the different workshops and instructors. Have a great week!

Teri C said...

Gosh, what a gorgeous piece Lin!!!

caseytoussaint said...

It sounds like a great exercise - and the result is lovely.