Saturday, November 07, 2009


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Daily Practice

I'm in the throes of readying for company tomorrow and all next week so time is mighty scarce. Mike also returns home later today, so it'll be a busy time insuring he has all he needs at his own apartment as well as helping him move.

I have to admit that I have thoroughly enjoyed having him here. We've spent a good amount of time together talking and planning and sharing those things that our daily lives or other urgencies often don't leave us sufficient time to talk about.

This time with Mike reminds me of those times when the lights go out. We seem to return at those times to more quieter, simpler ways of being in this world. We rediscover just how important we are to one another--and those 'things' that typically occupy our time and attention fall away into the distractions they really are - yet we can't see that fact in the light of day.

I"m not recommending 'lights out' by any means - but simply that we 'wake up' more often to those things that hold real meaning to our lives, honor them, and give those 'distractions' the minimum attention they merit.

I can hope.


Lorraine said...

Ah my favorite food!!! And beautifully drawn. Your sentiments are "right on" and I can identify. So glad that Mike is well enough to get back to his apartment and hope that all will continue to go well from here on out.
Major hugs,

Teri C said...

Garlic has recently become one of my fav foods. Beautiful painting.

Jona said...

A wonderful garlic. So vivid... Beautiful!

You got the point about the important things, those that really matters. You are that right...
Glad you enjoyed some quality time together.