Thursday, November 12, 2009

Grapes - A Karlyn Holman Workshop

15" x 15"
Arches 140# CP

A workshop with Karlyn is an experience in expanding one's horizons, thoughts, creativity. She is a bundle of enthusiastic inventiveness, always finding new ways to use old materials, or finding unusual materials to use in different ways.

In this lesson, one of Karlyn's most noted and noteable, we used grape leaves as stencils, wax paper grapes for resist and textures, Unryu paper for texture, stretched gauze for lines, and lots and lots of paint. (For those interested, she's explained the techniques in her second book "Searching for the Artist Within" -- and no, I don't receive any discount! LOL).

We enjoyed another scrumptious meal, and despite the dismal day of rain, wind and cold, the workshop was filled with glowing light and warmth and the kind of creative energy that is renewing and inspiring. I cannot say how very grateful I am to have had this opportunity.

It was GREAT fun ... but most important to me -- the lessons that Karlyn teaches are extremely practical and transferable to other paintings and work. At the same time, she stretches our perspectives and creativity to embrace the POSSIBLE!

We worked on a more traditional project yesterday .. with equal fun and ideas.

In between project pieces, Karlyn shared other ideas for approaching a work, her use of different materials, and some parts of her upcoming book (due out later this year). And she'll be back in Raleigh NEXT year -- and we've already signed up for her two-day class!! YAHOO!

We're off to Jerry's today for Art in the Carolinas. Karlyn is teaching there as well and her classes are almost full.

After our classes, I have to head back to work for an evening Board meeting -- so the day will be exceedingly long.

I'll be back on the 'Net as I can ... meanwhile, get out those paints and PLAY!


Lorraine said...

Incredible colors and techniques. What a blast you all must have had. And more fun to come at Jerry's! Enjoy Enjoy and treat us to more of your wonderful work. And I hope the board meeting is quick and painless!

Jona said...

Splendid!!!! Magnificent!!!!
Lin, that's completely fabulous!!!!

Joan said...

This is WONDERFUL!!! I love the super colors and textures. I hope we get to see more of your work from the class!

Pat said...

Lovely and it looks like fun. Lucky you.

Teri C said...

Looks fabulous!
I am in the process of reading her book. You have sold me on her. lol

Marilyn said...

it's another winner. The grapes are so splendid I almost want to eat them!