Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lilac Buds

Lilac Buds
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Daily Practice

It's been raining like mad ever since yesterday afternoon, but indoors, twenty people work diligently on the projects Karlyn Holman has brought. We've compressed a two-day project into one full day, and I'm still working to complete the painting ... so today, in the dark of the morning and the pounding rain, I thought I'd share a bit of spring color and cheer - a semi-abstract of lilac buds. I painted this months ago, but I thought the color would be a bit of a change in this season of yellow and orange ....

It was sheer joy to be in Karlyn's class again. This two-day class is being held in a private home by the same hostess as last year. We are surrounded by incredible woodlands, wide, light-filled windows in the studio, and we are as pampered as cherished children. We were treated to a sensational gourmet lunch, snacks and brownies to die for, and an absolutely relaxing and awesome time. And even more - somehow when creative minds are together at work, there's a palpable energy that seems to engage all the senses, and ideas and creativity flow, frienships strengthen, and the entire experience is one of renewal and joy. What a true gift.

We return today for another lesson, to finish our projects, and to once again be spoiled as we bask in these special moments.

On the homefront - Mike had his staples removed and is making terrific progress. His second surgery should happen before Christmas if things continue as they are.

Great news all around!


Lorraine said...

Gorgeous happy colors in a gorgeous painting and a unique style. I love it! It does indeed bring some sunshine into our rainy day here.

Your class sounds heavenly and I am so happy for you to have had this opportunity!

Teri C said...

Oh thanks for the bit of spring! Your class sounds so awesome.

Joan said...

Thank you for the color in this lovely painting!!! It definitely perks up the day which is very dreary here. I'm so jealous that you're taking a class!!! Have fun!

Great news about Mike!!!

Jona said...

Beautiful flowers. They truly bring the feeling of sunny spring.

I'm so glad Mike is progressing so good and happy to read you are enjoying the workshop and great company to the max.
Have a splendid day.

Connie said...

I know you are having the time of your life! Your great friends, a wonderful teacher, creative energy...all the things I could wish for my friend! Enjoy you break!


Patti G. said...

So glad you are enjoying class. Your lilacs are beautiful!!!!!

SO HAPPY Mike is doing better, and that things are progressing for him! THANK GOD!