Thursday, November 19, 2009

Morning Light - Guy Mayster

Morning Light - Guy Mayster
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Daily Practice

There is such a difference in painting from a computer screen, real life, and a printed photo. And being back to working in my smaller journal, limited light, space and time, all are clearly event in how I find myself painting.

I fell in love with a photo from my dear friend, Guy ( who has kindly given me permission to use it for my painting). I printed out a copy so I could paint it last night after work when I got to the B&B. The printed copy lacked all of Guy's incredible pink highlights, and, not memorizing that particular point, I painted an interpretation of his work from the copy I had. In checking my computer this morning, I noted this what a vast difference in tone and highlight.

I suppose what I"m trying to point out (and REMEMBER!!! LOL) is that these differences exist and can affect one's work or interpretation of it. And last night's experience is merely another case in point. Since I will be traveling by car for several days next week, I'll be relying on photographs to practice my painting... and yesterday's 'lesson' will be a reminder to do more than rely on the photograph alone.

Thank you once more, Guy, for your generous permission to use your photograph for my painting inspiration. While this interpretation doesn't come close to the beauty you captured in your image, I do hope you like it nonetheless.

It's been raining here again. Our grounds are so sodden that students are unable to work outdoors to complete some of their semester projects.

Still, I found my desk under all that paper yesterday -- and literally rejoiced!!

I hope your day is grand!


Lorraine said...

Ooh, those lovely soft pinks and lavenders in the sky and the reflection in the water are just gorgeous -- and the yellow streak of setting sun behind the mountains -- what a superb, glowing painting. You do well with whatever is your inspiration Lin to my great delight each day!

Joan said...

This has a lovely glow to the sky and the water!!!! I agree that working from photos or the computer screen doesn't always give the same look or feel that you get actually being there. I guess that's why I end up doing so much plein air painting when the weather is good. Have a great day, Lin!