Monday, November 02, 2009

Oxford Barn

Oxford Barn
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Daily Practice

Mike didn't get home yesterday. The night before was a bit too rough for him, and the doctor wanted him to continue on his IV and meds one more night before he could be released -- so we've got our fingers crossed that TODAY will be the day he comes home. I haven't spoken with him this morning to know how his night went, so I am assuming, with crossed fingers, that he'll be home today.

This barn is located about four miles from my home. I see so many of these when I'm traveling around Granville County - and they never fail to cheer me with their reddish roofs and aging timbers. They remind me of why we moved to the 'country' and evoke images of quieter times and a less-complicated way of living. True or not, the THOUGHT of a less- complex life sure is appealing, though! LOL

The rains have battered the leaves from the trees - and here and there those more stubborn leaves are still clinging to the branches. The brilliant golds have more of a sienna tone to them now, and the bright reds are turning a bit russet. The time change brings nightfall before 6 pm and is a bit challenging to get used to, since my commitments tend to last well past that time before I can go home. Sure shortens the day and I"m missing the light already!

I'm off to do some paperwork before heading to the hospital. Hope your day is grand!


Lorraine said...

Beautifully executed painting of the barn Lin with the soft trees as a background. Yes, we are losing leaves here too and they look so lovely on the ground that one hates to rake them up into bags!
A disapointment about Mike's release from the hospital but glad that the Dr. is on the side of being most careful about releasing him. Keeping you both in my heart and thoughts.
Hugs and Love,

Jona said...

I'm crossing the fingers with you, that he can come home very very soon.
All my love!!

Joan said...

I always love your barn paintings, Lin!!! You do such a great job on the texture and weathered look to them. Hope everything went well with Mike's homecoming.

Teri C said...

I love barns and I love to see you painting them so wonderfully.