Sunday, November 15, 2009

Poppies - A workshop with Jeanne Carbonetti

Half Sheet
Arches 140# CP

In real life, there is a bit more purple in this piece, but photographing the painting late last night under artificial lights just wouldn't give me the proper colors no matter how many adjustments I tried to make. It comes close, but the real painting is far more red/purple.

This delightful workshop with Jeanne Carbonetti (The Tao of Watercolor) was great fun. It was a playful time - and yet, just like Jeanne herself, the entire three hours was filled with serenity and calm. The workshops, tradeshow, crowds and excitement tend to be a bit on the exuberant and tense side, so this workshop was a wonderful change of pace. And even though the workshop was calming, it was ever so playful ....

I am thrilled beyond measure for being able to post anything I've painted during a workshop. Typically, and I cannot say this enough, I spill my paint, paint backwards, add the wrong colors, do EVERYTHING BACKWARDS (and a lot of that happened yesterday! LOL) - but these three workshops seemed to be a real gift - not just in information - but in my being able to focus and learn, and more than anything - have FUN!

Jeanne's methods, playful, bright, centered, a bit dreamy, calming - all appealed to me in her semi-abstract, representational approach to a subject. We used a photo of a vase of poppies for a 'jumping off point, LOTS of paint and our imaginations -- letting the painting 'speak' to us as to what it needed and the direction we should take. I rarely paint this large or this bright - but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience - very freeing, indeed.

The sun has finally come out and the weather warmed up a bit. After our morning workshop yesterday, we were a bit too tired to do much sight-seeing, so Judy and I came home to rest, reorganize our materials, prepare for an early flight on Monday (for Judy) and work (for me). C fixed us a scrumptious dinner, and we were able to paint a bit before collapsing.

We've a full day again today - we'll be throwing and pouring paint and generally having a great time.

I've tried to focus my workshops on the direction I hope to go with my work. It will take a while to reinforce these ideas and finally make some of them my own. I can't wait to get started!

Have a great Sunday!


Wezz said...

Sounds like a real fun workshop, Lin! And more than than, it sounds like a way I would love to learn how to paint myself. Wish I could come over and join in the fun! Nice painting of the poppies btw, love the bright colors!

Wezz -

PS how on earth do you find the time to blog in between??

Lorraine said...

Oh it's gorgeous Lin. I love Jeanne's books and to take a class from her would fulfill a dream for me. So glad I was able to do that through you vicariously!! Now I'll have to get out her books and take another look. And thank you for the lovely description of her class and the whole Jerry's event. Enjoy our day today and paint like crazy!!
Hugs and Love,

Joan said...

This is so VIBRANT and LOVELY!!! It must me a lot of fun to do several workshops in a few days, with different people...but confusing too. Just when you're getting into one style you have to change.

Can't wait to see what you do today...sounds interesting.

Teri C said...

Wow, that is the most vibrant painting I have seen you do. And I like it. Sounds like a fun way to paint.

Patti G. said...

These are stunning Lin. The colors are so vibrant and so much contrast! WOWZER for sure!

Jona said...

So strong and jet so soft... marvellous!

It's a great direction you are taking with these latest works, Lin!

Marilyn said...

The best ever!!! The colors are magnificent, probably because they are colors I paint with. Just yummy,
I understand about workshops. I do everything backwards and finish last if I finish!!

Pat said...

Your last two paintings are terrific. It is really unusual as you said to achieve a successful painting while taking classes but you achieved success in both. It will be interesting to see how you incorporate these techniques into your style.