Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rainy Trip Through Florida

Rainy Trip Through Florida
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Daily Practice

WE MADE IT!! Thank heavens for the safe drive through three states, blustery winds, rain, and bits of fog and car spray. Driving in such conditions was a bit trying, but we made it safely, thank HEAVENS, and arrived at Mom's to find her looking good, if a bit tinier and a bit less steady on her feet. This is a vew we saw - when it wasn't too badly raining!

We stopped to see the grands en route -- and they were wonderful!! Riley is already crawling at lightning speed and will probably be walking by Christmas. Taylor and I painted this morning ... if briefly .... and then we had to hit the road.

Tomorrow my sis comes in and we'll be doing all-day packing, as we help Mom prepare for her move, preparing for Thanksgiving, and just recuperating from 2 days of driving.

Thank you all for your incredible comments the other day .... I sincerely appreciate your awesome generosity.

I'll have internet service periodically, so I'll check in as I can. Meanwhile, it'll be busy, and I do hope to get in a sketch in a STILL environment! LOL

Have a great week!


Teri C said...

Not the best weather to travel in but seeing th grands makes it all worth it.
If only the car ride wasnt' so bumpy and yet the painting looks great.

Lorraine said...

Lovely -- so typical of many parts of FL that I've seen. You really captured the misty rainy feel of the scene. Glad your trip went well and that you got to see the grands and your daughter enroute. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and time with your sister and mom.

Joan said...

It is so AMAZING what you can paint in a moving car. This is lovely! You captured that misty look perfectly. I'm glad you got to visit with the grands and made it safely down to your mom's. Enjoy!