Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sun Up in Florida - Happy Thanksgiving

Daily Practice

Though our official Thanksgiving is tomorrow, we'll be celebrating it today since Mom and my sis leave for NY early tomorrow morning, and C and I begin our long trek home. We'll stop again to see my grands, but the 15 hour drive will take another 2 days.

We've gotten another room packed, and today we'll finish the last closet, run some errands, prepare dinner, and pack suitcases and cars. We'll squeeze in dinner while we finalize packing. It's been a busy time. Moving a lifetime of memories is not only physically draining but even more emotionally involved.

This painting, from a photo reference, is NOT what we've seen this week. We've had overcast skies and rain .. probably good packing weather.

Still, we are grateful for a safe journey here, family, good memories and one another.

May your Thanksgiving be filled with the joy and gratitude of the season


Teri C said...

Oh wow Ln! this is gorgeous and stunning!

Safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Joan said...

LOVELY sunrise!!! It is so peaceful looking.

Have a safe trip back and enjoy your Thanksgiving!!! I'm glad the move went well. Is your mom moving up near your sister?

Sandy said...

Oh Lin, a lovely work by any means! I hope the packing and travel goes smoothly - and I feel your bittersweet pain - happy Thanks Giving.

Connie said...

Is everything OK? The trip to Florida and to see the grands sounded good. I must have missed something about the "packing".

Happy Thanksgiving friend!

Claire M said...

Beautiful sunrise image! It sounds like you are at one of life's transition points. Have a safe trip and best wishes on your new ventures ahead.

Lorraine said...

You've captured the Florida scene perfectly. I remember it so well and though I never wanted to live there, many of my relatives do so I've seen both shores!

Wow; you really have had a "whirlwind of busy!" I'm glad you are going to have a traditional dinner today and I wish you a safe trip home and a great visit with your daughter and the grands.

Much love and thanksgiving for your beautiful art which brightens my days.

Pat said...

I am so glad to read that you are having success and courage through this massive undertaking. I still have boxes from my mom and aunts that I can't separate from but need to be gone through. I'll be sending good thoughts for your continued packing and trip back.