Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bill's The gods Whitewater Dance - Challenge

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I was as splashed this mornig from the returning rain as the beach in this watercolor challenge posed by Bill ( Thank you Bill for another terrific challenge!!

It seems it's feast or famine these days with the weather -- after eight weeks of no rain, we had over 8" Monday and more of the same today and tomorrow ... flash floods are predicted and all work outdoors has stopped ...

I hope you have a terrific day -- I'll be wading thru our own kind of splashes today!


Joan said...

Those waves really look like they are the whites in the water and the roll of the waves. Well done.

I guess I'd better stop my rain dance now. I guess it's too much of a good thing. Hope the flooding isn't too bad. Stay dry and have a good day!

annie said...

Splendid waves and Joan is right--they are really dancing.

Lorraine said...

Oh wow, I tried so hard to get that effect in my little beach scene. Your painting is terrific Lin -- so real looking yet so arty looking. I love it. The shades of blue and the spray and the rolling water. WOW

And congratulations on having a 2011 calendar available at Zazzle. Now I know what to buy everyone for this year's holiday gift.
Big hugs,

Lorraine said...

And I forgot to mention the clouds -- so perfect with that turbulent water. Terrific!

Teri C said...

Oh Lin, it is gorgeous!!!!!