Monday, September 27, 2010

The Ducks

The Ducks
Originally uploaded by linfrye
9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

I fell asleep last night listening to the music of the rain as it blessed our parched good earth -- what a restive, joyful sound! We're to have this longed for blessing for the next few days - and I know that folks in our part of the country are doing the 'grateful' dance for its arrival!

I painted this two months ago while visiting my friend Lorraine - hoping to post it when it finally did rain -- and it has been THAT long since we had any .....

The medicinal plant lecture was good - though it focused more on the challenges and difficulties of running clinical trials on natural remedies since they're testing for synergestic responses - but the talk was a renewal and a reminder of why I chose my field of study of people/plant relationships.

Off to work again -- it seems the weekends fly by ....

Have a great day -- and thank you for helping with my rain dance!


Teri C said...

Oh wow, this is just gorgeous Lin! I love the way the ducks are turned ot each other. they are probably discussing your rainfall! lol

Sarika Alvekar-Shelke said...

Beautifully done, really looks like they are discussing something :)

Lorraine said...

Oh how I remember your working on this one and getting that light source just perfect. It's as gorgeous as I remember it!

We too are getting much needed rain and unfortuntely for all the horse people it comes during the week of the World Equestrian Games being held at the Horse Park. Oh well, they had a couple of dry days at the start so such is life. We were out around the state on Saturday and it was so sad to see the land so parched and brown. Glad we are finally getting some rain too.
Big Hugs and Bravo on this beautiful painting.

Joan said...

Beautiful softness to this!!!!! Perfect!!!

Glad to hear that my rain dance worked!!! We are having rain here too.

Take care and have a great day!