Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Hay Field - Oxford, NC

Fall Hay Field - Oxford, NC
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9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

Okay, okay, I admit it -- no matter what the season, no matter how dry, wet, sunny or rainy, those dang hay bales capture my heart like nothing else on the landscape (except perhaps weeds and wild grasses!! LOL). Even as tired as I was last night, I just HAD to stop at the farm by my house and capture these!

It's been a long, late night week, and yesterday one of the Arboretum's board members secured permission for the Plant a Row volunteers to 'glean' sweet potatoes from a nearby farm. After only an hour, we collected over 335 pounds!!! That same generous board member had lemonade, cupcakes, salty snacks and the most delicious chicken salad sandwiches for us!!! What a gift!!! When we returned to the Arboretum, we had to find room in my Prius (already loaded down with supplies from the Dehydration class and my luggage) to pack all those potatoes so I could take them to the drop off point for the Food Bank. We got all of them packed ---!!! And unloaded! Three shopping carts full! WHEW!

But as tired as I was, when I passed this Oxford field with haybales just waiting to be moved to storage, I stopped the car, dug out my camera - and knew what I was going to paint last night no matter what!

Hopefully, this weekend will be a bit less busy than the last two, though my friend and I are planning to attend a gardening workshop on Sunday.

It amazes me, too, the difference in the colors of the roadsides from the 90 miles between where I work and where I live. My home is more northwest than the county where I work, and our foliage is at least two weeks ahead of the coloring there. This so reminds me of Edwin Way Teal's book "Autumn Across America' where he chronicles the movement of fall colors and activities .... I feel so fortunate to have my favorite season extended on a weekly basis!

Though yesterday was a record 97F and today is supposed to be as hot, we're expecting a cold front and chance of rain this weekend -- my fingers are crossed!

Have a great day!


annie said...

Fist picture that I saw this morning on my screen. A beautiful way to start the day. Thank you, Lin.

Sarika Alvekar-Shelke said...

All your hay bales paintings made me fall in love with hay bales. And this one is so gorgeous. Love it.:)

Lorraine said...

Oh it's gorgeous Lin. The colors ALL are wonderful and those hay bales are as gorgeous as ever LOL. You totally amaze me with your energy and your ability to paint after the week you've had. And wow, what a work week it was -- digging taters at the end of it. And what a good person to offer it all to your group.
You do so much good in the world gal, not the least of which is to "gift" us with your beautiful paintings.

Joan said...

I love the contrasts between the field and the trees in the back. Lovely!! I would stop too, but I'd probably sit right there and paint. I love the hay bales.

Right now I'm picturing you driving in a car full of sweet potatoes. lol

Have a great day!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for rain for you.

Teri C said...

I can almost see this beautiful field of hay bales. Just beautiful!