Thursday, September 09, 2010

Foggy Morning

Foggy Morning
Originally uploaded by linfrye
9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

This is from an exercise by Faith Love-Robertson ( I thought I'd post it this morning since I drove to work in a thick fog .... we don't have mountains where I am -- but that foggy, wet feeling sure speaks to my morning!

Far too busy this week with another day of obligations ... things are going well, just non-stop ...

We had a smattering of rain -- insignificent to give the plants the moisture they need -- but it was good to reduce temperatures for a little while.

Hope your day is grand!


Sarika Alvekar-Shelke said...

Lin, it is so beautiful, you captured the scene and the mood perfectly. I want be there this morning.:)

Lorraine said...

Oh WOW; so misty and gorgeous. Love the mist, love the colors; love love love the tree. Oh my Lin you are so good at "misty" paintings in addition to everything else. Thanks for a gorgeous start to the day.
PS Would you believe the word verification to post this started with mist!!!

Joan said...

I love the hydrangeas below, but this painting is simply wonderful!!!! It has that early morning, quiet feel when you look out and are awed by the delights that God has given us in nature. Wow!!!

annie said...

It is heart lifting and breath taking, Lin. A moment that would lift us through the day on wings. Thank you for sharing it. It has made my morning.
What fun, Lorraine, your word verification.

Teri C said...