Wednesday, September 22, 2010

For the Last Day of Summer - A Rose After Jean Haines

Daily Practice

My evenings this week are all taken up with meetings - and so I am posting this rose I painted in the style of Jean Haines (and a bit of splatter) as a tribute to the last day of summer.

I got in last night after 8 pm and had time only to splatter a bit before heading to bed - but no finished work. Tonight is my 'dehydration' class (How to Dry Foods) and so it will be after 9 pm before I leave work today ... I hope to find a few minutes over lunch to continue my splatters from last night.

At at any rate, today is the 'official' last day of summer and as ITS tribute to us, we are expecting temps in the high 90s -- and still no rain. Our own knock-out roses are hanging on, thanks to a good watering regime, but so much of the landscape is 'dehydrating' and beginning to show the stress of almost 4 years of extraordinarily dry, drought conditions. We are seeing more and more 'wildfires' erupt .... so the need for rain is severe ...

I'm doing my rain dance -- and hope your day is great!


Lorraine said...

Ah, so abstract and colorful. I just caught up on her site a couple dys ago. Yes, very hot still here too and very dried and brown. I suspect we'll be having a long hot fall. Yuk.

Enjoy your class and pace yourself today.
Big hugs,

Elizabeth Smith said...

Beautiful! I love your abstract style and the lovely glow of light that permeates your work.

It would be great if you could incorporate aome kind of art into the curriculum!

Teri C said...

Beautifully abstract!