Friday, September 03, 2010

Grapes on Masa

Grapes on Masa
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Thank you all for your most kind comments yesterday and well wishes for Hurricane Earl. Earl 'kissed' the North Carolina coast at 2 am this morning as a catagory 2 hurricane. We were exceedingly lucky as the eye missed our coastline by almost 100 miles. The outer banks has some beach erosion, some flooding, some areas without power, but all in all, for the size of this storm, we were exceptionally fortunate. Prayers now for the Cape Cod area of Massachusettes as Earl veers northward ....

I painted this work of grapes on masa last week while Jodi came to visit and I was sharing a few masa techniques ...FUN .... I DO LOVE the textures that masa paper produces ... a bit of abstract - a bit of realism. Jodi returns today for another shared painting time! YAHOO!

On the way home last night, I had one of those McDonald Caramel Fappes because I was dragging after the Plant a Row session. We spent the better part of the morning and early afternoon planting more seeds for fall, continuing our viticulture experiments and then making a TON of pear butter. We cut, boiled, seasoned two LARGE pots of the butter - but didn't quite get to finish the process. So I brought home the mix plus a large bag of pears that we didn't have room enouugh to cook during our session. I worked last night to finish the butter we began (simmer until thick, place in jars, boil bath to seal), and then started from scratch with the pears I brought home. In all - I wound up with 60 JARS OF PEAR BUTTER!! WHEW And with the unpacking of the car, laundry, mail, bill paying and the like, it was well after midnight before I hit the bed. So now I know what to do when I'm tired -- a CARAMEL FRAPPE!!! LOLOLOL Nothing like caffeine and sugar to get things me energized again! LOL

Anyway, I'll bring in all those jars when we return to work on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday - Labor Day).

I'm really looking forward to a relaxing day of art today ....with the storm gone, and still no rain (you would have thought we'd have some with a hurricane less than 100 miles from us!! SIGH) -- temps are to reach almost 100F! I'll have to find some time this weekend to water the plants and do some much needed weeding and seed-collecting ....

Have a restful day!


Lorraine said...

Oh wow; what an exceptional beauty -- all the detail on the grapes on Masa paper -- very difficult to do and the negative leaves -- super. You have really mastered yet another technique and paper! The colors are luscious too.

Whew, you make me tired just listening to your day. And yes those caffeine super delicious drinks do help, especially in hot weather and when working on a hot project like pear butter. I hope they appreciate all your efforts at the college.

So glad you evaded the storm but sorry about the heat but glad you have a 3-day weekend and Jodi is coming to paint.
Big hugs,

Sarika Alvekar-Shelke said...

Good to hear that Earl was away from you. And nice artwork on masa paper, I liked the center leaf, it looks very real.:)

Joan said...

Love this on the masa paper. I have to give it another try. I had wanted to bring some to Venice, but never did.

Glad the hurricane wasn't as bad as it could have been. Sorry you didn't get any rain from it.

I went down to the beach here yesterday and the water was super rough and the waves were almost to the dunes already. I can just imagine what it will be like today. We are already having some rain, and high winds are expected out here this afternoon.

Have a great day!

Teri C said...

OMG!!!!!!! What a fabulous result!!!!!!!! WOW oh WOW!!